Received No Refund From GMB Mega Typing

Pocatello, Idaho 3 comments

I contacted this company and got there material via the internet for download.It was for a program that is suppose to explain how you can make money typing data over the internet.

Well, needless to say it only really tells you how to set up an account on Zimbio then goes to explain you need to get accounts with adsense ect. but it never goes into any information about data entry. However the last paragraph states that you can also do data entry on the internet but we don't have the time to get into that. What?

That's what I paid for! The information to learn to get into that! And the cost for this drivial? A mere $47.00.

There was a 60 day money back guarantee--supposedly. Sure, I contacted them withing 48 hrs and kept doing so every three days for over nine weeks and never received my refund and only heard from them once where they said they were sending my money but it never came.

They are scam artists and the money back guarantee is a total LIE.



I have not gotten scammed; but have been looking for a home-based business via internet.I can't believe that nothing is being done about all of these scams.

Does anyone know if there is anything we can do?I feel the government needs to step up and take care of this.

Suvorovskaya, Stavropol, Russian Federation #40534

They took money from my credit card but never sent me any material. DF

Windsor, England, United Kingdom #16078

im so sorry you fell for this scam.I dont know why people fall for all this stuff.

and face cream , getting rid of the wrinkles.....yeah. and cellulite...yeah...and diet pills get rid of the fat. yeah. their is ONE that will.

only one and that is phentermine. and it cost 29.00 for 90 pills. dont ever pay 393.00 for 30 pills. that is ludicrous!!!

go to your regular dr and just suck it up and tell him you want phentermine. for energy or to lose some fat. he might and might not put you on it for 3 months. if he dont go to another dr.

dont give up. but DONT , i repeat DONT go pay 393.00 for it.

thats insane!!!!!!!!!even a diet dr wont charge you that much!

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